Saturday, December 15, 2007

Quick post

I just wanted to quickly answer Jennifers question that she left in an old post for me. The nugget boxes went over really well and no one even batted an eye at $8 for the large and $5 for the small. The large held 12 nuggets and the small held 6. But I had one lady tell me she was going to eat the candy and use the box to put another gift in. I wish I had made more b/c they loved them. It was my first time and I just did not know.

I want to thank everyone for coming to check out my blog I can't believe I am over 300 already. 1000 hits and we will have some candy.

Have a great weekend. I may get a chance to post tomorrow b/c we are supposed to get more snow. Have a stamp happy day!!!!

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